Free Payroll? there is no such thing...

31 May 2014
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free payroll? there is no such thing...

Free Payroll? there is no such thing…

There is no such thing as FREE payroll or even FREE payroll software.

One fine day, a payroll software consultant knocks at your office door, and tells you that they have a free payroll software wanna try it out, but hey, you don’t see why not!~ BUT HEY LOOK! YOU are disclosing your company, employer and employee information to this bugger! And at the end of the day you are forced to “buy” this annoying “proclaimed FREE payroll software” and it sucked big time!

We called this, yes, you know it … RIP-OFF! Even there’s Free Payroll software there is for sure a fine-line behind the terms and condition.

Some software provider provides Payroll software with a small fees, but you have to do-it-yourself (DIY), and probably PIC NOT Claimable or no tax rebate.

HOWEVER, at PayrollPrime we offered close to $ZERO payroll software as we offer ICV and PIC claim assistance (if your company is eligible), therefore your Payroll software is literally FREE. There is no such things as TOTALLY FREE payroll software.

Alternatively some Traditional small business owner, prefers to have their own payroll personnel probably their HR or finance accountant to process the company’s payroll… Or probably small business owners don’t really have that kind of budget and headcount and allow any Admin staff to process the payroll. BUT never did these business owner expected this move is a gravely common mistakes! Why do we said that?!:

1)      Individual employee salary disclosure:
Lily is the payroll accountant, and walks away from her desk to get a cuppa of coffee leaving her PC screen on. Unfortunately Big Mouth Andrew walks past her desk and saw she is processing Sales Manager’s Billy Salary. BM Andrew told the whole world how highly Billy was paid for doing nothing in the offices… that raises the unhappiness in the office.
Well the fact is that YOU (The employer) encourage your employee to compare their pay with one and other.

2)      High turnover rate of employee:
So you think sending someone to be trained by the software provider to use the payroll software. But never that you imagined your best admin assistance tendered her resignation! Then you have to re-train someone to take over her job. Retraining your newbie on using the payroll software require time and money.

3)      How about, you as the employer process your own employee payroll?
Part Yes, Part No.

Yes : It’s cost effective and probably saves more cost to the company. As you need not waste another headcount to process the payroll.
No: You are the boss of the company and you have 20 over employee it will take you days and not effective to process the payrolls.

All the above problems can be resolved simply by Payroll outsourcing. You are the employer, before you process payroll we will provide you a monthly overview report. And you will only require to counter check, and let the Payroll Software to adjust to the rules and regulation regulated by the regulatories.

PayrollPrime offers attractive and valuable alternative than the usual in-house processing payroll services, are available at a cost. PayrollPrime portal, which is the Singapore’s FIRST Payroll Portal PLUS outsourcing services for your SMEs needs, offers the most avoidable service within the shortest time possible.

Most importantly we are PIC claimable

We offers the most attractive and valuable alternative to usual in-house processing or training. It is the most affordable and simple way of paying your employees, filling taxes, and performing other stuffs that are offered by the company.

Choosing a wrong payroll portal is like stating a job that you had not like in the first place; it is hard to leave but if you stay, you will be perpetually frustrated. There are many reasons why you should choose using our service:

  • We care about the integrity and privacy of your data and we highly protect your wage information.
  • We offer extensive services from the basic outsourcing services to software usage, which will totally relief you from stress.
  • Our portal is flexible, it allows clients to control their data over the payroll data, and can even change it at the last minute.

In fact, for small firms with stable-salaried staff and stable tax obligations, we offer the best and economical payroll processing service. The portal include the most convenient and efficient functions and procedures if your needs are straightforward.

Therefore, your payroll will be processed using the least amount and within the least time possible. Sometimes back a number of people though that in-house payroll processing were cheaper and faster, but most of them have discovered that it is not all that cheap, especially considering the time taken managing the process.

Furthermore, less people have proper knowledge for processing payroll using sound payroll applications, which are prone to making mistakes. You have to note that employees and collection agencies for federal, states and even local government have to get their payment fully and on time. Late payment will attract some monetary penalties.

Our payroll service will allow you rest assured that your pay rolls are handled with all the necessary care. Internal Revenue Service’s research has proof that many employees has encountered some mistake in their payroll at least once and the penalties involved are billions of dollars. You should note that, with the ever-changing tax regulations, it is high probable to make a mistake that can easily affect your business. It is therefore necessary to employ a reliable

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