What Service Are Rendered For Payroll Service Providers

22 June 2014
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22 June 2014, Comments 0

What Service Are Rendered For Payroll Service Providers


Payroll Service Provider provides services for simply manual data entry, payroll matters, dedicated payroll personnel, payroll software providers as well as Payroll outsourcing providers.

At PayrollPrime we are one of the top payroll service provider, expertise in Payroll outsourcing and provide professional guidance in claiming *ICV and *PIC.

After all the PIC and ICV claimable, your cloud payroll software and outsourcing service is near to ZERO cost.

Yes! You heard us right,
ZERO Cost.

With all the government assistance, they have provided several grants for SME and Small business owners to cope with changes and statutory requirement. However there are SME or small business owners have no idea about these grants available.

So Talk To Us Now, to understand different types of grants available.

In a closed door event, Ministry or Manpower announced the standard requirement on itemized payslip. However this mandatory regulation on itemized payslips, many SME and small business may not be fast enough to source for these payroll service provider, or even switched from old system to a current payroll system.

Therefore there are several grants out there to assist those SME and Small business to use these grants to cope with the changes and to attract these payroll service providers to render their assistance to SMEs and small business owners.

Contact us now to understand more!

* eligibility Terms and Conditions apply

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