Payroll Fees: Why should I Outsource payroll to others?

11 May 2014
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11 May 2014, Comments 0

Payroll Fees: Why should I Outsource payroll to others?


Here is a table to have a clear sight why you should outsource payroll to us!

The below is an estimate, actual cost depends on regulatory board differences and cost may be dependent on individual and payroll costs involve.

Foreigner (WP/S-pass)

of 10

Basic Salary $2,000 $1,600 No
Employer CPF contribution $320 No No
Foreigner Worker Levy No $300 – $600 No
Skills Development Levy $5 $4 No
Ethnic Donation $1 – $6 No No
Total Cost Per Month $2,326 – $2,331 $1,904 – $2,204 $333.17 for 10pax
Total Cost Annually
(incl AWS)
$30,238 – $30,303 $24,752 – $28,652 $3,998 for 10pax
Only pay : $1,599.20 <annually*> after PIC claim,
You SAVE More Than 95%
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Little does employer knows that late and inaccurate information on tax returns will result in penalty / summons and fees incurred by the board. Therefore filing for Tax accurate returns are critical and essential, PayrollPrime ensures that your payroll are on order and in a systematic way. Systematic and submitted to CPF and IRAS in an accurate and timely order.

Human being easily made mistakes therefore outsourcing your payroll services will be a wiser choice!

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