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once you start it's just that simple PayrollPrime provides Professional payroll software, As We Made Payroll Easy.

You can now take the pain out of your payroll solution by subscribing to our cloud-based system to manage your employees’ salaries. With more than 15 years of experience in the payroll industry, we have designed the most comprehensive payroll solution.

Our salary application accepts data import and keeps track of all your employee earnings, statutory deductions and leave. We have the most intuitive control panel that fits even the novice internet users. Our dream is to bring robust accounting solutions to small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
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Whether you have a small or large number of employees, our software comprehensively handles your workload without a glitch. Test our software now by clicking on the payroll software demo. After the expiration of your trial, choose the suitable package for your needs and say goodbye to manual payroll processing.

We understand that it can be tricky to comply with government regulations – however, our cloud-based software automatically updates to the current CPF and IRAS policies. It is a personalized solution that saves you thousands of hours each year – just provide us your employees information and leave the rest to us.

You may not even need a payroll software demo, as our fantastic payroll outsourcing service DOES ALL THE WORK FOR YOU! BEST of all PayrollPrime is *ICV and *PIC claimable.

*All Terms and conditions apply
Secure, Safe and Centralized
Our professional payroll software relies on the state-of-the art technology. Therefore, it is safe and secure. We have installed the strongest SSL certificates to make your information is kept safe with us. In addition, you can rest assured that your data is in one centralized database.

Whether you have different branches or region offices, our payroll software consolidates your payroll needs in one hub.

Amazingly, you can access any piece of the information within a click of a mouse. Outsourcing your payroll and leave needs has never been so easy with Singapore first payroll plus outsourcing portal! No more manual work or complicated spreadsheets to handle your payroll needs.

Click here to contact us for a live payroll software demo.

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