Outsourcing Payroll With A
Peace Of Mind

  • Are you tired of updating your complex Payroll software?
  • Do you dread the moment that you will have to add another new employee in the system? You have to re-key all the information into your HR system ALL OVER AGAIN~
  • Hate going into the system to approve your employee Leave application?
This problem can be eliminated. By using PayrollPrime, we are one of the few Singapore Best Payroll Outsourcing company and services provider dedicated to make sure that all your needs for Payroll and Leave application is met. With our secure cloud system software, you do not have to worry on your company confidential information disclosure.
CPF and IRAS compliance is never a problem for us, our system are designed to adhere to the latest statutory regulation and compliant policy. PayrollPrime has 15 years of accounting and Payroll software system background, with state of art of technology making sure that you get only the best service.

With PayrollPrime, you do not need to worry about your monthly Payroll as you can outsource your entire Payroll and Leave application to us. Leave application is simply approved via a simple click from your email.

Generally there are endless benefits of outsourcing our Payroll services for a more profitable and stable business.

The overall cost of production will reduce significantly, reduction of errors, more reliability, quick processing of Payroll and up to date Payroll. This is a worth decision to make you to have a more productive business.

No More Hiring Of Accountant or Payroll Personnel!
No More Hiring Of Accountant or Payroll Personnel!Regardless the size of your business majority Payroll Outsourcing Services companies in Singapore offers both small business and large companies ultimate goals are to put their efforts into making profits. Do away with hiring and engaging your own accountants and making the follow up to make sure that their Payroll calculations are accurate. This will be covered simply by our services thus capitalizing on profit maximization. Another major reason you ought to think about hiring our services is the cost. You will have the ability to minimize the manpower and company resources. Where by our services enable you to achieve this. You do not have to appoint new personnel or train them to be calculating the amount efficiently each month. More to that, you do not have to incur cost in upgrading your equipment. You need to have provision for upgrades on the equipment that are put in place to check the Payroll progress. If you have outsourced for the Payroll services you do not need these expensive equipment and thus saving a lot of money.
Reliable human error free, computerized Payroll Outsourcing Company
The other reason Payroll Outsourcing Services is reliability and human error free. Often when you decide to employ your own employees to perform these tasks there is a tendency of a large margin problem and mistakes as human are prone error. Payroll personnel requires accuracy as required by the government making sure that your employees understand the rules and regulations. With Payroll outsourcing we cater a Payroll personnel for you and your company, you will get more reliable and effective results as our Payroll are FOOLPROOF computerized payroll system to generate payroll upload files for GIRO, CPF and IRAS.
Payroll Outsourcing With A Peace Of Mind
Trusted Payroll Team At Zero CostWe guarantee accuracy and timeliness payroll services and handle your employees epayslip for you. This services relief your accountants from their main focus from major business accounting. And will not burden themselves with the complexity on Payroll calculation and adhering to regulation requirement. You as an employer, main aim will be on improving on your business strategies and tactics.

You also do not have to worry on the Payroll tax rules as our services makes sure that the calculation are in accordance to the latest set of rules on Payroll taxations. Our systems are up to date with Singapore set of regulation.
Secure Software
Secure softwareData Security is always an issue in terms of company employer and employee confidentiality . This could be a major issue especially if you are dealing with salaries internally. Dishonest employees can leak information on the annual money spent on salaries and taxes. This information may be used as a weapon against you by your business rivals. To eradicate this risk it is a wise idea to outsource payroll services to a third party. With our cloud payroll system with encrypted server, your database can be assessed anytime anywhere. Our payroll outsourcing systems also keep track of regular employees, seasonal recruits and part time employees.

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