What Payroll Outsourcing Service Actually Does?

PayrollPrime – Payroll processing you can trust

Processing the payroll every month for all employees is usually a daunting task for any company. Most ordinary companies have enough headaches with their own line of business to run and it is quite unfair to burden already over-stretched accounts staff with payroll duties as well.

Having to learn and keep updated with all the latest government and business regulations on payroll is a task that no company’s accounting department has to spend their time and effort on. This can be mundane task that nevertheless has to be done – and done well – since incorrect payroll administration can have dire consequences.

PayrollPrime payroll outsourcing service exists primarily for the purpose of getting all your payroll and leave processing headaches out of your hands. We have over 15 years; experience in payroll processing and are the premier payroll outsourcing company in Singapore.

Secured Software Cloud System

We have developed complex, effective and efficient payroll software so that you don’t have to. We offer the first Payroll Portal in Singapore and offer our services to not just the big companies but also many SMEs. Our system uses the latest online technology and is secure and always up and running.

We guarantee that our system will always be available since we have the latest in reliable, safe and advanced features. We offer a Secured Software Cloud System that ensures that all your data is not only completely safe and protected but that it also available to you at the touch of a button.

PayRollPrime is keeps track of all the latest Inland Revenue Service of Singapore (IRAS) policies, rates and guidelines including compliance to the Central Provident Fund (CPF). We will ensure that your payroll complies with all the regulations and make sure that your payroll conforms to all local and international regulations.

Secured Software Cloud System

No Foreigner Worker’s Levy or Skill Development Levy

No More Foreigner Worker’s Levy, Skill Development Levy

You don’t have to worry about Foreigner Worker’s Levy, Skill Development Levy or indeed any other regulatory levies. They become our responsibility from the moment you engage us.

What does all this cost, you may ask? We endeavor to make sure your payroll costs are the lowest ever. That is why we work with even the smallest SMEs.

Our goal is to not only take the administrative burden of payroll management and processing from your hands but also to ensure that we reduce the financial and logistical cost of it to you.

So we are able to provide all our services at a minimal cost, guaranteed to be cheaper than the cost of your doing it on your own.

You have enough on your plate with running your business in a profitable, efficient and smooth manner.

PayrollPrime is here to support you to do exactly that, by providing a service that is reliable, convenient and secure. Our guarantee is that you will never have to worry about payroll and leave processing ever again. Try us today!

Once you have engaged us and provide us with the necessary basic information about your employees you leave everything else to us. We exist to take that headache totally out of your hands.

We will do everything including all the data entry required to keep your payroll data up to date at all times.