Corporate Payroll Services with Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Claimable

SME Corporate Payroll Services with
Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Claimable

Company who are eligible for PIC and/or ICV claims are welcome to use it for PayrollPrime software cloud service purchase.

Look no further!

PayrollPrime is corporate payroll services and Cloud Payroll outsourcing services, these services are also know as PIC claimable for eligible Private Limited, LLP or Sole Proprietor. As you will be purchasing productivity software as well as outsourcing cloud services, therefore PIC and ICV will be claimable if your company is eligible.

Not Many Payroll Service Company and Payroll Software offer PIC claim, why PayrollPrime?

Corporate Payroll Services with Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) Claimable

Many company just offer Payroll software BUT REFUSE TO OFFER PIC claim… the reason is …

The procedure in claiming PIC is rather complex, tedious and some claims may take up to months. Therefore to some company may not want to go to that extra miles to assist you in the PIC claims. Some employer has no choice but to “hire” PIC claim experts that cost them quite a hefty sum.

At PayrollPrime we offered registered Payroll software with cloud outsourcing capability, which means you can submit your 60% PIC claim with this amazing software.

Need Assistance For PIC or ICV Claim on your Payroll Software?

We offer PIC claim assistance at a very small service fee, fill up the contact form here to know more on our service and what items are claimable for PIC.

Some great Payroll company offered to train your employee to use their Payroll Softwares.

However, employer never thought of turnover headcount (“syndrome: I quit”), meaning you have to consistently re-training newbies, in a ever changing and dynamic company.

Not to forget, Software upgrade, usage of software complexity and many small business requirement, and these all require operational cost.

If there is no PIC claim on this costs, it will be quite a large amount of amount we are looking at.  Many companies may not know that there are several tax rebate and benefits for employer for starting Company in Singapore.

There are several types of claims available, well known Claim from IRAS utill YA 2018 is the PIC claim for SMEs also payroll for small businesses and large corporates