What Is The Guideline For Itemized Payslip Using Computerized Payroll System?

Itemized Payslip Using Computerized Payroll System

What is the guideline for itemized payslip?

The Ministry of Manpower (MOM), Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) and the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) has developed a set of Tripartite Guidelines on itemized payslip by year 2015, as an initial step towards supporting the progressive workplace practice.

Tripartite Guideline for Itemized Payslip, please click on this link below:

Tripartite Guidelines on Issuance of Payslips.pdf
Press Release of Tripartite Guidelines on Issuance of Payslips.pdf

Save the Earth, Start using Computerized Payroll System nowSave the environment

Many company uses old-school dot matrix printer to print the company computerized payslips, these companies spent loads of money to service the old (obsolete) printer and usage of perforated carbon paper (which is toxic when inhale and highly flammable).

Save the environment, by using computerized ePayslip simply by sending email to your employee during their pay day. All payslip is secured with encrypted passwords to ensure that the password is unique to the recipient such as NRIC number.

Itemized payslips also to facilitate both employer and employee on awareness on the salary component and itemized their salary clearly on payslips. The ultimate goal is to minimized dispute on salary issues.

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What Is The Guideline For Itemized Payslip Using Computerized Payroll System?Little did we know that Itemized payslip is to be mandate by year 2015.

In order to fasten up the pace in a fast moving country like Singapore, a computerized payroll system is introduced by PayrollPrime to assist SMEs and small business owners to achieve the Tripartite Guidelines in this short period of time. With Cloud Payroll Services your payroll services is made available anytime and anywhere! Most importantly PayrollPrime Corporate Payroll Services is PIC claimable for SMEs!

PayrollPrime offers a computerized payroll system and secured data encrypted e-payslip (paperless payroll system) that we will email to your e-payslip to your employee on your behalf. By using a Outsourced Payroll Services employer will get an monthly overview report to ensure that the payment is tallied and correct before your pay day!

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Here’s a Quick Introduction On The 14 Items
Of Itemized Payslip In The Tripartite Guidelines: