Cloud Payroll and Outsourced Payroll Service, Know The Difference Between The Two Here

Cloud Payroll and Outsourced Payroll Service, Know The Difference Between The Two Here


There is more to handling payroll of small business than producing checks and giving them to employees right on time. You have to maintain precise records, compute and make payments on payroll taxes, and effectively communicate with employees. A lot of business owners discover that they may simplify the process through the use whether of a cloud payroll or outsourced payroll service provider to deal with the whole process efficiently and cost effectively.

However, when choosing which service to use, you might feel confused about the different between the cloud payroll and outsourced payroll service. Before you can understand the difference between the two, you should first know their individual definitions.

Understanding Cloud Payroll Service

Understanding Cloud Payroll ServiceSuitable for corporate company or SME with dedicated payroll team

A payroll processing service based online, cloud payroll can benefit you through delivering a cost effective and easy way of making payments to your employees. click here to know more on Corporate Payroll Services and PIC claims

It is one of the online payroll solutions that allow you from accessing information of your people, access process pay slips and time sheets anywhere and anytime on a browser with any Smart Devices. Choosing this service offers you a lot of advantages over those traditional payroll software that has to be installed on individual computers.

Understanding Outsourced Payroll Service

Understanding Outsourced Payroll ServiceSuitable for SMEs to small business owners

Payroll Outsourcing Service is a business course, which involves making contact with the business service to manage the entire functions pertinent to the company payroll. Through the use of an outsourcing service, it should be possible for you to handle a payroll process without having to maintain a huge payroll department.

Providers of this kind of payroll service manage different functions such as the calculation of salary and wages, taxes withholding, CPF contributions, ethnic donation and Levies. The outsourced payroll service will allow nett pay deposit into the employees’ bank accounts, as well as employer amount to be deducted in their account.

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