SMEs Payroll Service Company With PIC Claimable

 Professional Payroll Service Company

With PIC and ICV claimable
(if eligible)

If you are business owner, and You are having trouble claiming your payroll service via your current payroll services company… and your current payroll service company doesn’t seem to be able to assist you with the claim for PIC, or probably that payroll service company or software are not even eligible for PIC claim. So you look for someone whom can assist you with the claims, we are pleased to inform you that

SMEs Payroll Service Company with PIC ClaimableEligible business can enjoy 400% tax deductions and/
or 60% cash payout for investment for payments in innovation
and productivity improvements under the Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) scheme.

YES! PayrollPrime is PIC claimable!

Then, why is PayrollPrime is PIC claimable? Whereby some payroll service companies out there are not claimable??

The reason that PayrollPrime is PIC claimable is because we offer productivity payroll software and cloud payroll services therefore we are able to assist companies to claim their PIC or ICV.

Some payroll service company are not registered payroll service providers and no cloud system for the registry, therefore, most likely these payroll service company are not eligible for claims.

Therefore the best alternative is to consider a payroll outsourcing company and leave all the payroll rules and regulation from CPF, IRAS to GIRO to them.


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At PayrollPrime, we focus on using our payroll software and payroll outsourcing and these services are claimable thru PIC. Therefore if you wish to know more on claims for Payroll Services and PIC, fill up the contact us now!