How Much Does Outsource Payroll Cost?

How Much Does Outsource Payroll Cost?

At PayrollPrime we focus on pay-by-per-quarter or pay per annual usage, and as we offer a here’s a breakdown of our payroll outsourcing cost and Leave Outsourcing Costs:

PayrollPrime Payroll+Leave outsourcing costs only S$30 per Employees/Month!
How Awesome Is That!!


In closed door event in June 2014, MOM has announced that itemized payslip and payroll will be compulsory by year 2016. This move will greatly impacted from small business owners and SMEs, as majority does not have such features in their current payroll system.

Some SMEs or Small Business owners will have to source for a payroll software vendor or train or employ a payroll person to manage that payroll software, or probably some small business don’t even have a payroll system.

But it doesn’t even make sense to employ someone to do a once a month job. So you thought of some cost savings to engage a normal administration staff to process your payroll… However, you have yet to think of software training and high turnover rate, thus you have to keep training your administration staff every time each of them quits and not to forget the costly training fee by the payroll software vendors.

Employing a payroll personnel is costly and will incur into the company profit revenue. Some employer has no choice but to do payroll themselves, however, this way will impede the employer’s efficiency and unable to focus on the company goals.

However these problem can be easily solved with easy ePayslip System with efficient Computerized Payroll System with clicks of button to submit CPF, GIRO payment and email your ePayslip to your employee.